Team Officials for the State Teams

By Alan Dyer
March 7, 2021

We are seeking officials for the State Teams. The immediate need is for Manager(s) for the TBA50 teams, and the need for Coach/Managers for the other teams are pending the formation of a team (related post: State Teams for 2021). The ‘Expression of Interest’ form currently allows someone to nominate for all the teams (Disability and Restricted are not represented at the 2021 Nationals in Australia; Disabilities have their own Nationals and Restricted have been cut from the current Nationals format); just in case we can field teams. The requirement for particular coaching levels is yet to be confirmed in the Rules. Team members are allowed to nominate for the Coach or Managers positions.

E-mailed EOIs will be accepted as long as all the information is completed; the most suitable address will be or

The EOI closing date is the 24 March 2021. The relevant teams will be consulted on the selection of the team officials.


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