Traditionally regarded as a great social activity for young and old, Tenpin Bowling is also considered a serious sport in Australia and moreso overseas. Our sport is being adopted by people of all abilities, age groups, and interests, with everybody coming together into a community of members who share a common interest and – more importantly – are being active.

Locally, bowlers in either end of town have access to a modern and expansive bowling centre that offers choices to suit your lifestyle and budget – pick your preferred day of the week and there will probably be some form of league available at a time that fits your lifestyle.

ACT bowlers have represented Australia at the highest levels and because this sport is playable well into later life, it’s never to late to start. Of course, bowling offers local and State events in addition to nightly leagues to help you build up to that level.

Specialty Organisations

Because Tenpin Bowling is open to such a broad spectrum of people, a number of organisations exist to try and meet the particular needs of different types of bowler. The Association does of course provide services to all category of members, but the below take things that extra step for their members.

Bowlers over 45: ATBSO

The Australian Tenpin Bowling Seniors Organisation (ATBSO) has an ACT branch that runs a large number of training and tournament events, as well as both an Open and Restricted representative team to the ATBSO National event.

Bowlers with ‘average’ averages: Holt

The Darrell Holt Tenpin Bowling Carnival is held every year around August/September and caters to the ‘average’ bowler, not the high average ‘elite’ bowler. Men averaging less than 185 and women averaging less than 175 can compete in a handicap event, and Men averaging less than 200 and women averaging less than 190 can compete in a scratch ‘Classic’ event.

Bowlers with a disability (Tuggeranong area): Independent Disabled Tenpin Bowlers of the ACT

IDTBACT has been around in one form or another for a very long time and specialise in integrating bowlers with a disability into competition with able-bodied bowlers. They run a league on Saturday mornings that’s open to all bowlers and have been working with the State and National bodies to improve recognition and opportunities for bowlers with a disability.

Bowlers with a disability (Belconnen area): Wizards league

Wizards league is an organised group of bowlers and carers who compete in what is now one of Canberra’s largest leagues, and conduct numerous excursions to other bowling events as well as run a highly successful annual tournament. For more information on Wizards, contact our Disablities Co-ordinator