The following lists are administered and updated by the National Sporting Organisation Tenpin Bowling Australia.

It is the current list of accredited coaches and managers in Australia. When following the links to the list, you will see those that are located in the ACT. Each specialise in their own different areas from national level players, through to beginners including those who focus mainly on juniors and bowlers with a disability. Coaching is available at both Zone Bowling Tuggeranong and Zone Bowling Belconnen.

For any general accreditation or coaching enquiries, in particular if you are interested in becoming an accredited coach, please contact ACTTBA Development Officeror click here

Coaching calendar

Accredited coaches

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Accredited managers

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Coaching co-ordinator

The coaching co-ordinator’s position is currently vacant. Please contact the Board if you would like to be part of the bowling development team.

Coaching equipment

Accredited coaches in the ACT may also request to use the coaching tools that the ACTTBA Board holds.

Coaching equipment loan